We, Saad Ardati and Birju Vachhani, created Box Transform and Flutter Box Transform to make it easy for anyone to create resizable and draggable rectangles in their Dart and Flutter projects. We know how frustrating it can be to have to reimplement the same functionality multiple times. That's why we created these packages after needing to implement resizable and draggable boxes over 3 separate times in Codelessly.

These packages represent the culmination of our knowledge and experience in creating resizable and draggable boxes in Flutter in a natural and accessible way. We're excited to share our work with others and hope that it can help save time and simplify projects.

Box Transform is a pure-Dart base package that allows you to programmatically handle box resizing and dragging without relying on Flutter. It provides highly flexible, programmatically resizable and draggable boxes that can be used in any Dart project.

Flutter Box Transform is a Flutter package that builds on top of Box Transform, providing a state-friendly API for easily implementing resizable and draggable boxes as Flutter widgets. With Flutter Box Transform, you can convert the pure-Dart models to Flutter-relevant models and use its feature-complete API to quickly build your own resizable and draggable boxes.

Whether you're working on a pure-Dart project or a Flutter project, we hope that Box Transform and Flutter Box Transform can help you easily create the best possible version of a resizable and draggable box for your project.